About us

“A Man is Great By,Deeds Not By Birth”

Company Introduction

We wish to inform you that by the family company, the work was started in 2012 and it was registered in Lucknow P K & Sons Company in 2015. At present it is converted in Kagus Corporate Pvt. Ltd. (KCPL) in April 2018.


Company family wants to enhance the family business to international level and wants to connect the millions of families by providing them the opportunity of employment, so that the prosperity and growth of national and world can we ensured, and by doing this the company will serve its true nature to pioneer the society in a new era. Company is verified by the government to work and it is a completely indigenous companies growth in finance for better and it is two to four times greater as compared to financial year 2017-18 in target 2018-2019

Vikas Kumar Pandey

(Chairman/ Managing Director)

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a key partner in integrated logistics, Sale and purchase in India and across the world by offering a high quality of services.

Our Mission

  • To Give best services to client & save their time.
  • Spread all over the world.

Quality policies

  • KCPL is committed to conduct its business activities in such a way as to achieve the highest quality in operations and services.
  • Quality will be achieved through conscious effort from all members of staff to continually improve the service level to our customer and compliance to our system.
Kagus Corporate Pvt. Ltd.

Business Overview

National logistics, forwarding- and trucking company, providing a variety of services like warehouse, production-related services and commissioning and online electronic goods and appliances, developing store, Govt. sector covered

Our customers benefit from a keen combination of logistics- and forwarding services, including a clear, fast, and flexible execution achieved by simplifying the process chain and minimizing the number of involved parties.

We support our customers in every step of the supply chain, from consulting, concept developing, cost comparison method, project planning to the realization of all mutual set goals. Many of such complex logistics concepts have already been implemented in the past. These include the management of a consignment warehouse, final ware processing, complete dispatch area processing with a direct link to production and high-bay storage. All goods are commissioned for dispatch and are delivered on time. We take over many tasks that are normally the core competence of our client.

All logistics projects are linked to the customer-specific electronic data processing system to ensure permanent and transparent flow of information.

This kind of execution improves all business processes, increases productivity and quality, facilitates administration, and reduces costs. All in all, our customer´s competitive ability is significantly raised.

Kagus Corporate Pvt. Ltd.

Our Clients